The Bonneville Salt Flats

Are you living in US? But I guess you did not know about The Bonneville Salt Flats. Only few people know about this all, those who have interest in racing and those who wants to remain themselves updated with racing records probably know about it. It is very necessary to know about this before going to any other thing. The Bonneville Salt Flats is the area covering about 30000 acres in the state of Utah in United States of America. There you can nothing but salt, flat surface of salt it is like a desert of salt. Currently Bureau of Land Management is the administrator of this land. Like in Saudi Arabia they used to do drifting over desert same like this The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of place where is a unique joy of doing drifting, this is not only popular for drifting but you should know that many of speed records were made on this land and it remain a very popular destination for drag racing and stock racing. Visitors can watch race of cars while visiting land. It’s a kind of wonder of earth.

Racing Records and the Bonneville Salt Flats

While talking about salt flats of Utah one thing came into mind which is records. History of The Bonneville Salt Flats is very old we can estimate by that that in 1896 W.D Rishel introduced this land to racers. He introduced to local racers to go into salt flats and do racing over there, soon after it a professional racer came into this land with his car and made a record of 142 KM/H in the year of 1914, be remembering that this was a great record at that time. Later many attempts were made to set a world record of speed and a British racer made a record in 1930 of 600. Later many races were held on same place and many records were set.

Current Situation

This land remain very popular for racing but since a while there was no race conducted in this land the reasons is not yet defined. The administrator stated that if you are going to start race here then you are going to have accident with you. Recently a speed week was going to start but due the condition of Bonneville Salt Flats it was canceled and same like this many others were canceled. Speed lovers are facing fear and feeling disappointment with association. May be the global warming is the reason of this but overall a wonder of nature is becoming useless with the time. In the year of 2015 there was no race in whole year and there are very doubts.

Why Bonneville Salt Flats is in Danger?

The major thing behind the disappearing of Salt from the surface is the rain. In recent years there were unexpected rains in the period and salt flowed with the water of rain towards see, and gradually land is becoming salt free. Some miners do believe that there are lots of worthy metals under the surface that’s why they are doing mining over there  like crazy ones and land is becoming worst day by day.


The Most Famous V8 Engines

The chronicle of V8 engines is very aged it starts just about with the invention of motor cars. While looking at history of engine we will comprehend that’s V8 remain popular in every age and among every group of people. V8 engines are pretty simple and cheap as well, there are kinds of V8 engines some were made by Americans and some by British and many others participated in the development of V8. “V” shape of engines makes them unique from others. Currently these engines are being used in sports cars, loading trucks, as well in regular cars. Some of the history’s most renowned and well-liked V8 engines are here.

The Chevrolet Series D V8

It is being considered that this V8 engine is the first V8 engine of the history and as it was first so it became very famous and very useable in its age. Chevrolet is the inventor of this model and he used this engine in Chevrolet Series D in 1917. 36 HP is the maximum output power of this engine having capacity of 4.7L. After of the assemble of The Chevrolet Series D V8, Chevrolet made many changes in his first model and presented new models of engine soon after it.

428 Cobra Jet

The credits of 428 cobra jet go to Bob Tasca.  Interesting thing about this model is that it was manufactured in early 19s but now it is being sold at market. 428 cobra jet made a revolution in sports at the invention of this miracle some accepted that it is engine with fastest speed in man’s history later it proved itself when drag racing cars and stock racing cars used this engine. Do you know that the428 cobra jet was so cheap engine because manufacture company made  thousands of piece without thinking that will this model  get popularity among cars or not. Later company made a great profit from this model.

Boss 429

In 1969 after the popularity of drag racing etc a car company made this engine for muscle cars and the first car with Boss 429 is Mustang Boss 429 which is a muscle car. The average out of Boss 429 was 375hp and maximum 500hp but in some cases it showed 600hp but unfortunately this could come into records and there was no proof of this. Overall the performance of this engine remains not reasonable but very excellent. Be remembering that at this time Boss 429 engine a is very rare and worthy and there are only few cars which are using this engine.

Ford Flathead V8 Engine

Well most of famous V8 engines were made by Ford Motor Company. Same like flathead was also made by ford. You can’t imagine the developments made after the invention of Flathead engine in 1932. In this engine many new technologies were used like heat-treating. One of the most important innovations in the Ford flathead V8 was the casting of the crankcase and all 8 cylinders in one engine block as well at frst time ford used high oil pressure in engine this was at first time but unfortunately  there was no advantage of it because there was no improvement in performance but later other companies improved  performance by using same technique.

What is Drag Racing?

If we look the word “drag’ and the meaning of it we assume that the race in which cars drag each other is called drag racing, but this is not reality. They use the word “drag” may be instead of using “push” because in this race counterpart car push you backward by increasing his speed. In this race normally two cars compete with each other on a special track of about ¼ mile or further more. Same race of motorbikes is also drag race. In oval track or straight one first they set a finish line where racing cars have to reach before other cars cross the line. Basically there are two major types of drag racing the first one is street racing which we all know that every kind of racing in streets is illegal like boarding or something the other type of drag race is regulated motorsport which is legal and being held in almost every part of the world.

Inside Drag Race

Commonly before properly starting the game every participant first make a round of track to warm up him and to be familiar with racing conditions. Christmas tree is the famous term which you might hear while reading about drag racing. Christmas tree is a kind of Starting point of race consists on a line of lights on it, every special light is indicator for drivers. These lights helps racer to become ready for race. There are basically some things which are measured while racings named elapsed time, reaction time and finally speed. While describing the reaction time it is the time when car crosses the starting line after illuminating green light and the elapsed time is the time when car completes its whole round from starting line to finish line. Like in other races those cars that lose the race automatically disqualify from the race and winner gets into advance level and at the end the winner of all races is called champion.


Different organizations introduced drag race in different countries in various years, name of some such kind of organizations are NHRA, ANDRA, IHRA, NEDRA, and FIA.
The first drag race was organized nearly in 1949 in USA. Then it spread into other countries like Europe, Australia and New Zeeland. In Australia ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) is the company which organized drag race in Australia legally, it was established in 1973 but the first race was held in 1965. Drag race isn’t only famous in white people’s land but it is also popular in South Asia especially in Pakistan where Pakistan’s richest man introduced this race and was first held in Punjab where the son of this man was arrested because he participated in the race and he was reason of some conflicts while race. Drag racing is also popular in Middle East. In Qatar QRC is the organizer of this race. In 1960s drag race was started in New Zeeland and gain very popularity among people, currently NZDRA is organizer of drag race and it came into being in 2014.

What is Stock Car Racing?

Stock Cars

Before going towards stock car racing we should have some knowledge about stock cars, their working their engine, their performance and their appearance. Stock cars are special cars which are being used just for one purpose and that is stock car racing. While looking at car we will estimate that this is an ordinary car for regular use but reality is different, stock car look like an ordinary car but it has unique engine like V8. Appearance also looks similar but there is a difference those stock cars have very less distance between the body if car and surface of earth may be this is for safety. Special security measures for drivers make stock car different from other cars. There are about three major kinds of stock cars named street stock, Super stock and late model. The most powerful car is super stock with 500–550 horsepower.

What Is Stock Car Racing?

In short we can say that the race in which stock cars are used is called stock car racing. In other races usually the tracks have no exact shape but oval track is the essential of stock car racing, the length of track varies in different conditions and different countries, normally the range is between 0.4-4.3 KM. this kind of race is very eminent in United States and Canada but it does not means that Australia, UK and New Zeeland are not sentient of this race. While talking about stock car racing don’t ever forget about NASCAR which is a kind of organization. They make stock cars and responsible of managing stock car race. The average speed of stock cars in this race is about 322 KM/H and the record of high speed is 394.1 KM/H which was made by an American named Dodge Charger at Bonneville Salt Flats until now nobody has broken this record.

History of Stock Car Racing

At the beginning of 20th century the stock car racing started to grow up. People started to take interest in this game and near the Second World War it was a major source of entertainment and car making companies started to thinking about it. Later in 1948 when stock car racing was very famous among people, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) came into field to manage the racing conditions. Be remembering that United States was first country where first proper stock car racing was held. In 1954 stock car racing entered in United Kingdom it is surprising that at the beginning it remain very popular among English people. At initial stage they made stock cars by making changes in street cars. In Australia the stock car race entered very late in 1980. In Australia instead of NASCAR the AUSCAR is a league which is now involved in racing field of Australia. In New Zealand the first stock car racing was held in 1950 and there was a huge crowd in New Zealand at the time of racing even at first time when people don’t know about stock car racing. It is clear that stock car racing remain popular in every age and every nation since it was introduce.